Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tank emptying is where it all first started for S&C Foster so be assured we have the knowledge and experience to make this a “fuss free” service.


Regular de sludging of your sewerage treatment plant is essential, as well as improving the life span of your plant appropriate de sludging also ensures conformity to environment agency standards. This is down to treatment plants discharging effluent, which with de sludging becomes a much cleaner grade of discharge. Most single house domestic septic tanks are advised to be emptied once every 12 months. Commercial and Industrial septic tanks may need to be emptied more regularly dependant on size and volume.

We also recommend similar guidelines for private pump stations, which we also maintain. Finally we provide our customers with a duty of care and receipt to show your waste is being disposed and treated properly.

So whether your a domestic or commercial customer, if you have a septic tank get “fozzys!” Small or large tank? awkward location?  We have the specialist tanker for you! We also offer multi house and business discount as well as a hassle free reminder service!

If you have any queries about your septic tank please get in touch